Griff Cosmetics is a perfume manufacturer and distributor of well known brand such as Musk by Lilian Ashley (MBLA), Evangeline, Eternal Love, Christian Jornald (CJ), Griff, Masana and Braven. Griff Cosmetics developed a wide range of affordable cosmetic products such as eau de perfume, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, body spray, and roll on deodorant. Currently we exports three of our perfume brands (MBLA, Evangeline, and CJ) to Africa, Vietnam, Srilanka, Malaysia, and Fiji Island. We are always looking for international distributors in Asia, and across the globe.


Griff Cosmetics was established in 1993 as a home industry, producing cosmetic products with a range of perfume, body mist, and roll on deodorant, under one brand, Musk by Lilian Ashley.

Faced with a great demand from the consumer and major increased in sales, the production can no longer be fulfilled at the existing home industry.

To further increase production volume and to improve product quality, Griff Cosmetics built their first small factory in Mutiara Kosambi II street in 2002 and become a legal company, PT. Griff Prima Abadi . In early 2010 the factory was relocated to an industrial district to penetrate the competitive market in Indonesia.


Today, most of the brands produced under PT. Griff Prima Abadi are well distributed throughout Indonesia in a national supermarket and modern market chain such as Indomaret, Circle K, Hypermart, Superindo, Giant, Alfamart, Alfamidi, Hero, Foodhall, Farmers Market, etc. It can also be found in local national pharmacy such as Century and Guardian.

Vision & Mission
Our vision is to be a leading cosmetic company that is always committed to produce high quality and export-oriented products, as well as having the largest product distribution network in Indonesia. Secondly is to be a company that is always innovating and using advanced technology in the production process.
The most valuable asset in our company is Competent Human Resources. Therefore, we will always ensure that the leadership in each department is carefully selected under great mentorship. We always encouraged our staffs to work together as a big team to mobilize and foster all Human Resources in the company to achieve ‘integrity value’ that exist in our company.
We will pay close attention and strive to be consistent in maintaining relationship to our partners and consumers because we want to create a long-term relationship.
For us creativity is a culture that exists in our company to be sustainable, especially in product development division. Our research and development team always strives to build better products, diverse, and can fulfill the demand for both male and female consumer.
We respect all individuals including partners, suppliers, and consumers, wherever our business is located. We will treat you with high respect and integrity. We are always committed to maintain a good relationship with excellent business ethics.

History of PT. Griff Prima Abadi

January 5

Home Industry

Griff Cosmetics was established in 1993 as a home industry, producing cosmetic products with a range of perfume, body mist, and roll on deodorant, under one brand, Musk by Lilian Ashley.
May 16

Small Scale Factory

In 2002 Griff Cosmetics began establishing a small-scale factory.
October 10

Factory Development

Factory Development
In 2010 Griff Cosmetics expanded factory capacity in the industrial complex.
January 10

Entering Modern Market

Entering Modern Market
In 2012 Griff Cosmetics began to enter the Modern Market in Indonesia such as Giant, Hero, Alfamart, Century, Guardian, Ramayana, etc.
October 10

Distribution channels throughout Indonesia

Distribution channels throughout Indonesia
With an increasingly broad distribution channel since 2015, now Griff Cosmetics products have spread evenly throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

PT. Griff Prima Abadi always follows market developments and always strives to improve product quality. Equipment and machineries in our factory is always adjusted in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Now PT. Griff Prima Abadi becomes one of the highly competitive cosmetic manufacturer in Indonesia.

Distribution Channels